Vision + Mission



Our Big Vision - Why we do what we do

In everything we do, we believe that the creative WOC make the world a better place when she can live a big and vibrant life, a life without limits. We believe in a vision where her life is filled with play, deeply brilliant connections, and celebrations.  We believe in a vision where in her world, she is at the very center.  


Our commitment - What we focus on

With a fresh perspective on play, attention on connections, and a focus on on-the-fly shindig styling, our goal is to help you take charge of and take back time from your everyday hustle (and to add some sparkles) so that you can embrace, create and celebrate life’s best moments, your way, stylishly, sans limits.  Now, go ahead - mingle, play, and connect all you want and stylishly.  That’s a good time vibe!