What's the Good Time Vibe Challenge?

\ Vibe (noun) \: A distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively.

Good thing you’re here.  We’re launching a whole party movement right here for the creative WOCs - the women who dance only to her own beat!  YUP, that’s right. A party or a celebration isn't just for the big milestones or promotions. Every single moment in our lives could be celebrated all the damn time.   You’ll find us cheering you on to reclaim and to take charge of your time so you can live your biggest and most vibrant life. In between now and launching, we thought, why should you wait?!  Over the course of a few days, you will get a step by step guide via email to help with present time activities. It's about living in the moment, yeah?

What's the definition of a good time, you're wondering?  It's pretty damn subjective, right? How are we going to tell you what a good time is?  Well, we won't. However through each round - they’re all different, the challenge intends to help you explore and reflect on the here and now experiences.  Through this process we hope you get to define what a good time means to you. Not only that, we'll even examine obstacles and ways to get rid of these barriers so that you can feel fully alive, your own way.  Transform from robot mode to fully vibrant lady mode. Ready? Jump in for That Good Time Vibe challenge.

Feel like a robot or zombie, right?  Snap out of it because no, no you aren’t a robot or a zombie.  You’re a living, breathing, vibrant and creative female human!  Why should you operate like you’re another cog in the machine.  But that’s the problem. We often go, go, go. Good news, it’s not your fault.  Better news, we got ways to handle this ISH.  Stop going through the motion and instead take charge of YOUR time. Spend it how you will - NOT how THEY will!