Hey, I'm the gal behind the brand.  

I’m a raiser of the next generation (mama to two kids, occasionally three), nursing student dropout, SQL coder in my past life, floral and event designer who wears Chucks with dresses to parties, a jazz fan, an even bigger ramen fan, and a visual thinker.  I love a good get together, steeped in deep conversations and shallow funny ones. I believe and appreciate that flawesomeness connects me to you and you to me.  I believe my energy is connected to your energy and that we are most secure when we’re aware that we have each other. I am kind of funny, and I'm always willing to share my thoughts. English is my second language, and I believe sarcasm is my first (I use the latter in moderation these days). The Office, Bridesmaids, and The Mentor crack me up! I believe in keeping it real and winging-it where I can!  That’s me. Tell me about you?  Seriously, my email is at hello[at]stylethisshindig[dot]com.