For the dance-to-your-own-beat

creative women of color


\ C R E A T I V E  W O M A N \

She dances to her own beat and she believes in living a big and vibrant life through play, connections, and stylish celebrations.  She seeks moments of creative bursts and connection, that ah-ha moment, that thrill, that excitement.  She's mad to create, to connect, to seek fun, and mad to love. She has a fire inside her, where her flame rises, a flame that can't be tamed, as it lifts others and her spirit.

Beyond Our Vision

How We Vibe: The beliefs that further guide our actions

We aren’t woke, but we don’t stop even if we’re a half step closer.  We believe in speaking from individual experiences, we believe in exploring and learning more about the culture of play, connections, and celebrations.  We may be passionate about, identify with, notice, call out, or share how we’ve been affected by certain experiences however we aren’t gatekeepers to any or entire cultures (whether music, heritage, food, corporate, artist, sneakers, hipster, coffee, anything).  We reject blind obedience, we ask questions to deepen understanding, to learn, and to build a connected community.  Finally we believe in kindness, compassion, passion, energy, feeling alive, connection, self-awareness, love, knock-knock jokes, taking charge of life, life without limits because there are #noLimitsForWomen and if you know and/or raise them #noLimitsForGirls, me-time, creativity, innovation, testing and failing and learning and fine-tuning, creative freedom, joy, changing the world, winging-it like it's an art form, and dancing to the beat of our own drum.

Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.
— Sadie Delany