The Potluck Concept

The Potluck Concept and Strategy

Hey winging-it may have a bad rap.  But when you think about it, it's about using what we already know and have to guide our actions.  We can guesstimate and visualize but we can be sure that there will be uncertainty. It's the magic of simultaneously having a vision and not knowing what you'll get.

Everything about a potluck embodies the art of winging-it. You might know who's coming, what type of dishes, or how much you'll need.  But for better or for worse, you're still leaving to chance what you'll get at a communal meal and embracing the element of surprise.

For the potluck, it eliminates legitimate reasons for why getting together is a challenge. Whether it's the lack of funds, lack of human power to cook up an entire feast on her own, or the back and forth of scheduling a gathering - a potluck can come in to save the day.  With enough people a meal can turn into a feast.  Whether home made or store prepped, people are vested because they have a chance to make a contribution.  A potluck helps to keep your part of the planning simple. Keeping it simple helps to bring people together more often.  Wouldn't it be great to have meals with your favorite people more often?  

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