The Art of Winging It

The Art of Winging it - Style This Shindig

Taking wild guesses and pulling answers out of thin air and going through a dark tunnel with your eyes closed and hoping for the best (or eyes on the phone with anticipation for the 5 O'Clock happy hour bell to ring), you somehow make it to the other side alive. So maybe you got a little carried away at a boppin' party the night before.  A little too much that you didn't have enough time to prep. Whew, you almost blew that one.  But you had this down, right?

Let's take a different look at this experience. Prepared or not, your mind took over and gave you access to whatever ideas or information you had at the moment.  Whatever the result could be, you used that resource to take action.  Your mind is equipped with the inherent ability to wing it.  Now, THAT is your brilliant mind at work.  

On the other hand, winging it doesn't have a good rap.  Let's steer away and look at it from a different angle.

It's not about making uninformed guesses or cramming just enough to do just enough.  You already know what you need to know. 

It's not about survival. You went beyond survival mode but you can't tell or feel it just yet.

It's not about blindly taking a swing.  You've aimed with your hold-my-champagne-game-face on before with eyes wide open.

It's not about leaving your future in the hands of fate.  You're in charge of your destiny.

It's not about "What if I fail?"  You failed before and you're still alive and kicking.

Winging it isn't about just making it.  It isn't about perfection or proving yourself.  Winging it is an art form when you let it.  It's taking what you have and what you know and DECIDING how and whether you want to change your results.  

It could look like spinning your beer budget and churning out rosé.  It could look like making a store bought cake look fancy with your custom touch.  It's skillful magic making.  

You have more agency than you think.  But you will feel stumped at times.  You will bring out more creativity.  You will scratch your head with wonder.  You will flunk.  AND you will always engage with your beautiful mind.

In short, winging-it is about embracing, honoring, and using your brilliant and flexible intelligence for creative output.

We'll apply this concept often as we look into how to create that good time vibe.  I'm rooting for more fun time and less prep time.  Not many of us have time to waste.  Now let's flex those wings and go for it, yeah? Cheers + Disco! 

What's your most memorable winging-it-moment?  

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