DIY Blooms Bar

host your own blooms bar by Style This Shindig

Have you ever walked by a flower shop and thought about browsing for a bit? What with the shop front lined with rainbow colors and all arranged out of order? You wouldn't know how to name the ever so popular coral charm, the fiery orange pin-cushion proteas, or the blushing bride to save your life.  But damn it, you can't help but be drawn to its beautiful chaos.  It renders you inspired after taking a few snapshots for the 'gram.  After that, then what?  

What if you make into reality the memories that you captured - reality from memories of reality?  Ohhhh.  What the heck?

Imagine you can recreate the flower shop scene at your next sipping event.  Or chugging for some of us - not passing judgment here.  The variety of flowers and greenery bracing your dinner table surface with spill over to the floor make for an inspirational art scene.  Even if you haven't a clue what, just the mere sight is a motivation to create something fresh.  Enter the DIY Blooms Bar.  Alongside your favorite people, sip some and create some.  

But wait, would it cost too much time or money?  Wouldn't it be too complicated?  How much do you buy?  What about the supplies?  What do you do with them and how do you arrange them?  All legitimate questions.  

You don't have to let time and money limit your creativity here.  Since we're all about winging it, let's use the potluck strategy to make this happen.  

host your own blooms bar by Style This Shindig

The Potluck Strategy

What fun is there if you're the only one shelling out the resources to make this happen.  Make it a group effort.  Ask your favorite people to contribute a bunch or two of flowers.  When each person contributes, just like with dishes, you'll be sure to have enough flowers to go around.

You may decide to offer all the appetizers or drinks.  But even with this, consider asking your friends to bring something they'd like to share.


Okay, then what do you need to make this happen?  You may offer all or some of the following.  If you don't want to end up feeling overwhelmed or broke, I'd suggest you use the potluck strategy.

Depending on what type of arrangements you plan to do, the tools will vary.  However, the top tool that you'll need is something to cut the stems.  A clipper or garden scissors will do.  Unless you plan to host a blooms bar or craft night often, it'd be a good idea to have people bring in their own.  Otherwise, you wouldn't know what to do with the extra scissors or become the wild scissor lady.  Unless you do, though.  Still not passing judgment.  After cleaning and organizing my shelves, I found at least 12 scissors in my possession.  Below are some things you'll need.

host your own blooms bar by Style This Shindig

What you'll need:


1) Something to store flowers, like buckets.  You'll need this to keep the flowers in water.  
2) Something to place buckets on, like a bar cart.
3) Something to cut stems, like a clipper.
4) Something to hold the flowers together, like a vase.
5) Something to style up the flower bar, like a badass sign or a disco ball.
6) Some place to work on your flowers, like a dinner table.
7) Some music, like your favorite play list.  May I suggest Fake Love by BTS (okay I'll stop with that one).

host your own blooms bar by Style This Shindig

A list for your guests:

After deciding what you'll provide as a hostess, share this list with your friends:
1) Scissors or clippers
2) A drink of choice (if you aren't providing drinks or if you need additional drinks for the party).
3) One bunch of one-bloom flowers, one bunch of multi-bloom flowers, and/or greeneries.  The flower food usually comes with the purchased bunch.
4) One vase (small to medium size).

Depending on who will bring what items, as a hostess, consider supplementing the rest of the supplies and materials.

Pro Tip: If you don't have enough flowers to style up a bar cart or table, use plants, books, or drink bottles to fill up the space with style.

Cheers & Disco!

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